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A meat and poultry cooperative serving the Chicagoland community

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Taqwa is an Arabic term that is commonly defined as God-consciousness. In a practical sense, the term incorporates the notions of seeking those things which
lead to Gods pleasure and love, while avoiding those things which may lead to His displeasure.

TAQWA Eco-Food hopes to draw Gods pleasure and love by supporting high ethical standards in the raising of livestock and poultry. Our cooperative serves four communities: consumers, food production workers, animals, and the Earth. The cooperative secures high-quality products by ensuring that animals are raised on farms where they are treated respectfully, fed only a natural diet free from antibiotics and
hormones, and slaughtered humanely. We are dedicated to sustainability and have formed relationships with small, local farmers that are committed to engendering
ethical principles in their treatment of animals and the environment.

At Tawqa Eco Food, we feel that it is part of our duty as men and women of the Christian faith to spread the word of God. In our case, we are voicing out against the unethical breeding and slaughtering practices that I'm sure all of you have seen in the media as of late. We had a petition signed to primarily force farmers to only feed their livestock natural foods, and to ban the inhumane killing of animals. We have also collected donations to help raise money for our campaign, and goldirabuyersguide.net has helped out immensely. Nothing has been passed yet, but we still have our fingers crossed.

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For general information or to get involved, contact Shireen Pishdadi via phone or email:
(708) 372-4488 | [email protected].

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Have you not seen that it is God to whom all the beings in the earth bow themselves down - and so too the sun and the moon and the stars and the mountains and the trees and the beasts? Qur'an 22:18